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We are an NZTA approved inspecting organisation. Our Warrant of Fitness inspectors carries out checks to ensure that your vehicle meets required safety standards and perform any necessary repairs to keep you and your passengers safe.


Regular servicing is vital for your vehicle’s health and safety, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently. It becomes cost-effective providing peace of mind that your vehicle is reliable and in road-worthy condition. Any potential issues to be aware of are advised.

Fleet Maintenance

A company fleet of vehicles is a major asset. To protect that investment care and attention to maintenance is necessary. Ensure the safety of your staff and other road users and keep your business moving.


Services That We Offer

We provide a full range of mechanical repairs for all makes and models of cars, SUV’s, utes, vans, light commercial, caravans and trailers no matter the cause.

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  • Brake test (Safety stop check)
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  • Insurance Repairs
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  • Scanning & Diagnostic Testing
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A Safe-T-Stop check gives you an accurate and detailed report of your vehicle that will enable you to make the adjustments necessary so you will:

Safe-T-Stop Checks

This includes testing brakes, suspension & alignment then producing an accurate, easy to read report. We can also make the necessary adjustments to offer you savings in the long run and increase performance of your vehicle.

The benefits

The test offers crucial information to our service team to address any defects or maintenance issues which can mean the difference between a safe stop for you and your family, and an accident. 

Why it's important

Shortens stopping time in an emergency situation.
Minimise tyre drag & maximise fuel efficiency.
Get the best performance from your tyres.
Optimum suspension performance.

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